Dancers and Faculty pose in front of the Clarion River Lodge

Forest Dancing takes place in beautiful Cook Forest, a treasure of Northern Pennsylvania. Cook Forest contains stunning, soaring virgin forest, hiking trails, streams and the Clarion River where Forest Dancers enjoy some of their time away from the dance studio and in their canoes.

Campers experience the wonder and delight of dancing in nature while enjoying the best of summertime in the woods.

Dancers stay in a rustic inn located in the heart of the forest.  Both the forest and the grounds around the inn are filled with natural beauty that Forest Dancers remember for the rest of their lives.

Cook Forest is located approximately 2 hours north of Pittsburgh and about 2.5 hours west of Cleveland.

“I like how Forest Dancing is in the woods. It’s very, very peaceful. And there are so many things that you can do, like swimming and crafts.”  – Forest Dancer Sofia, age 10

A nearby stream in Cook Forest