Lodging and Facilities

Lodging for Forest Dancing will be at the Shiloh Inn, a warm and homey mountain resort in the heart of virgin pine forests.  Detailed information about the facilities and the grounds is available at the Shiloh Resort Website.


The Front of the Shiloh Inn

Some of the things we love about the Shiloh Inn:

  • Mama Doe’s yummy home cooking!
  • The homey welcoming atmosphere
  • The clean safe accommodations
  • The comfortable rooms with private baths and cozy big beds
  • Being in the heart of the stunning beauty of the forest
  • Homemade smoothies!
  • The amazing staff who waits on us like we are royalty
  • The hiking trails, just outside the front door
  • Papa Ray, who is always there to help with whatever we need, day or night
  • Did we mention Mama Doe’s yummy home cooking?!

Pointe Class at Kalyumet


Eating breakfast at Mama Doe’s before ballet class


Dance classes are held in the spacious activity room at nearby Kalyumet Campground and the community room at Shiloh Resort.  “Studios” are outfitted with portable barres and state of the art Marley floor and sound systems.