Forest Dancing offers dancers ages 8 and older a one-week intensive program for cultivating their artistry and honing their technique.

The daily curriculum includes ballet, pointe, modern, jazz and tap.  Live musical accompaniment, repertory rehearsals, and a theatre performance create an inspiring environment and focused professional experience for the serious dancer.

The curriculum is divided into two or three levels, depending on enrollment.  On the first day of camp (Sunday), dancers are placed into an appropriate level based on their age and experience.  The Placement Class consists of a full ballet class and a jazz combination.  The purpose of the Placement Class is to evaluate the dancer’s overall technique and comprehension skills and insure that each dancer is placed in a level where they will thrive and be most successful.

All dancers take ballet, jazz, modern, and tap everyday for four days, Monday through Thursday.  The advanced level dancers have the option to take pointe as well.

On Friday morning, the program culminates with an informal showing at the Jackson Theatre.  Our “Showing” is an opportunity for family and friends to get a taste for what the dancers have been working on in class all week.


Weekly Schedule Overview:

Sunday – Dancers arrive in the afternoon, check in and go to placement class followed by dinner and evening “get-to-know-you” activity.

Monday – Dancers have class all day (9:00 AM – 4:00 PM with a picnic lunch break), followed by an evening craft activity after dinner.

Tuesday – Dancers have class all day and Talent Show in the evening after dinner.

Wednesday – Dancers have class all day,  with a special activity (TBA) after dinner followed by “Black Out” (a Forest Dancing tradition you won’t want to miss).

Thursday – Dancers have class all day.  A fun swim party in the evening with delicious picnic food and festivities tops off the week of activities!

Friday – Dancers have breakfast and walk to the Jackson Theatre to prepare for the Showing with warm-up and dress rehearsal.  Parents arrive for the Showing, and after the performance everyone returns home with fond Forest Dancing memories and great stories to share in the car ride!

Click Here for a more detailed example of the daily schedule.